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The Wild Yorkshire Way

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Exploring the Route The Wild Yorkshire Way is a long walk, make no mistake. I can't imagine anyone doing it in one go, but if anyone does, please let me know as there will be beer involved. Lots of it.

On the Route page you can explore the entire route, which is divided up into a suggested programme of 38 days. Of course, you can change this to suit yourself and your level of fitness or the weather, or indeed if you decide to stay a night or two longer at a pub on the way. At the head of the page is a useful graphic showing an elevation map of the entire route, with national parks and trails identified, and selected landmarks/summits identified. Click/tap/hover over a landmark to see where it is and its height above sea level.

For each day, you will see a brief summary, with suggested start and finish points and distances. Click/tap on either the photo or the Details button to see a comprehensive description of the route, with maps, pubs, possible accommodation options, roads and public transport connections. Both 1:50000 route maps and 1:25000 detailed maps are available. You can also view my photo gallery for the stage, and download a GPX file for your sat nav if you're using one. You can scroll forwards and backwards through the days using the arrow buttons at the top of the Walk Stage Description

The OS Mapping System When you access the mapping page from the main menu, a 1:50000 OS map is shown centred at the start/end of the walk at Stainborough Cricket Club, using the wonderful Ordnance Survey OpenSpace mapping facilities, which are free of charge for non-commercial use. From there, you can pan and zoom the map using the controls at the top left. With a mouse, you can left-click and drag to pan the map, and use the mouse wheel to change the zoom level. On a touch screen, touch and drag to pan the map, and use 2 fingers to zoom in or out. The Wild Yorkshire Way route is shown in brown, and alternatives (where present) in purple.

Just a quick word on the map coverage. When you access the map from one of the Route Stages, the map will be centred at the start or end point of the day's walk you have selected. The main route is shown in brown on the map, but in some wilder areas I've recommended alternative routes which are shown in magenta (or purple, if you're a down to earth Yorkshireman like me). The Detail map shows the same location on the Ordnance Survey 1:25000 series maps, which are great for more intricate navigation, but for technical (and financial!) reasons it's not possible to overlay the recommended route on this map. Remember that the maps won't work if you don't have an internet connection, so please don't rely on them for navigation out on a walk.

Rarely Asked Questions? I frequently get asked 'What is a Rarely Asked Question?' Well, Rarely Asked Questions are obviously far more interesting than the more usual Frequently Asked ones, so I've concentrated on them to make the site far more exciting.

Why a 10M photo upload limit? There has to be a limit, both to save your data allowance and also to avoid using up too much space on my server. If there were no limit, and you were a dodgy user, you could soon clog up my site by uploading huge files, so the limit is 10M. If you want to send me larger files, just get in touch via the feedback form and I'll get back to you.

Why enter 'Yorkshire' when sending feedback? This is to prove you're a real person, and not an automated robot trying to spam or hack my site - simply type 'Yorkshire' in this box to enable the feedback.

Why no accommodation guide? This is intentional, as accommodation changes frequently and it would be almost impossible for me to keep up. There are several good websites available these days where accommodation can be booked online, although this can sometimes be tricky if you are in weak signal areas. A word of warning - we are all aware that pubs are closing down at an alarming rate these days, and the mapmakers at Ordnance Survey have an impossible task keeping up. If you see an inviting 'PH' symbol on an OS map, either on paper or on my site, do not rely on it, unless you know for sure that it is there, or you've called them to confirm. For example, on the 1:50000 OS map there's still a pub marked at Fridaythorpe on my route, but it's been closed for years. Be warned!

How do I cut my pack weight? I often carry a tent and camping equipment so I can be flexible in terms of overnight stops, but wild camping is not for everyone, and camping equipment is heavy. I use many techniques for reducing weight, the most obvious one is to simply take less stuff with you. You can read some of my views on this here. I also often use taxis and local bus services so I can stay several nights at the same place on a walk, and sometimes pubs and B & Bs may offer lifts to you so you can leave much of your gear in your room. They benefit if you spend 2 or 3 evenings enjoying their hospitality, so don't be afraid to ask.

Why do I see stuff about Barnsley FC on here? Very simple, because I'm a fan and I have been for 50 odd years. However, other football clubs are available!

Why is my question not included here? Because you've not yet got round to using the feedback form to send me your question. I'll try to answer it as best I can and include it on here, if it's interesting enough. Don't worry, it will be.

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Beer: Just to see if anyone actually reads this stuff, if you get this far you deserve a beer. Let me know here or email me here when you're on the Wild Yorkshire Way and, depending on where you are, I'll try to arrange it if I'm about. You get the next one...