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Here you can read a personal account of the route for this stage, together with route maps centred around the start and end points, and information on transport connections, pubs, accommodation and camp sites. You can see a photo gallery, browse through the walk stages, and you can use Google search to look up the start and end points of your day's walking. GPX files for your sat nav are available for download, but please don't blame me if you get lost following them!

From: Back TorTo: Holme Moss (alternative via Langsett pubs)20.4 miles32.8 km657m ascent725m descent
ThumbnailIf you decide to take this route, you really should split the day into two by stopping overnight at the Waggon and Horses or the Dog and Partridge. If you do, let me know and I might join you as I live not far away, but make sure you have enough money to buy me a few pints and pay for my taxi home! From Back Tor, take the main route but continue straight on where the main route branches left up onto the wild and boggy moors. Note when the path turns exactly due east, then watch carefully for the path veering slightly more north. At this point strike out due north across the moor - your objective is a track serving some shooting butts on Broomhead Moor. In bad weather, you'll need your compass here, and the technique of "aiming off" should be used to make sure you hit the track. Follow the track north past a shooting lodge, then east to a junction of paths where we turn north west to descend to the wooded valley of Ewden Back, near a stone circle. Follow the path down and up through the woods, past Holt Farm, Ewden Lodge Farm and Cottage Farm to the road. Climb up the road and ignore the left turn along Gilroyd Lane, but keep on to Midhopestones where the Old Mustard Pot awaits, and by this time you'll be thirty, trust me. From here, follow Midhope Hall Lane towards Upper Midhope, but at a sharp left hand bend keep straight on along a path, eventually reaching the Waggon and Horses at Langsett via the reservoir dam. There's accommodation here, and a café across the road, but the route continues along the northern bank of Langsett Reservoir, through a complex junction of paths to the A628 Woodhead Pass road past the ruined farm of Swinden and along Swinden Lane. Follow the road west to the Dog and Partridge, where there's further accommodation and refreshment opportunities. The route crosses the road here and climbs the moor on the old snow road, running roughly parallel to the main road. At the highest point, near South Nab, cross the road again and take the track to Lady Cross, where we rejoin the main route. I was only kidding earlier, if you do decide to spend an evening in one of the pubs, of course I'll pay my way if I join you!
Bus LogoLangsett: Holme (2 miles)Beer LogoOld Mustard Pot, Midhopestones: Waggon and Horses, Langsett: Dog and Partridge, Woodhead Pass
Train LogoPenistoneBed LogoWaggon and Horses, Langsett: Dog and Partridge, Woodhead Pass: Holmbridge (3 miles): Holmfirth (4.5 miles)
Car LogoEwden: Midhopestones: Langsett: A628: A6024Tent LogoDog and Partridge: Holme Moss (wild)
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