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By now it should be obvious to you that this site is a work in progress, but all feedback will be gratefully received, especially route information or alternative suggestions. Pub and refreshment recommendations and camping sites (wild or "proper") are also most welcome.

Are you a pub, bed and breakfast, hotel, café, shop, camp site or whatever along the route? If you're a pub, do you allow dogs, muddy boots, tents in your beer garden? If you want to be included on here, please send me full details, including a photo, and a cheque for £25.

Only kidding, I don't want any money, I'm doing this for fun, but I would like to put your details on here. If you're a pub, you could offer me a free pint though......

Please fill in the form if you want to get in touch, thank you.


I'd love to receive photos of any sections of the route, and I'll try to include them in my gallery. Please limit your photos to 10M - if your photo is larger than this, make a copy of it and use an app such as Paint (in Windows) to resize it. Please don't get "doll's head on" (a Yorkshire expression) if I resize or crop your photos to fit.

Obviously I'll assume you own the copyright over any images uploaded and you're happy for me to publicise them, and if any people in the photos are recognisable I'll assume you have their permission for their photos to be posted on the internet.

Photos of pubs on the route, particularly the muddy boot, damp dog, real ale, food, camping in beer garden kind of pubs, will be especially welcome.

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Linda, Julie and Jan from Leeds, enjoying lunch on Whernside

Whernside Ladies

Walk Stats

If you're one of the 87% of people who like looking at statistics, read on for some stats on the walk. If you're one of the other 43% who are rubbish at maths, look away now: -

Walk Facts and Figures


526 miles


38 (suggested)




17600m (what goes up, must come down)

Highest Point

Whernside 736m

Lowest Point

Runswick Bay 0m

Furthest North

Saltburn by the Sea

Furthest South

Fox House Inn

Furthest East

Filey Brigg

Furthest West


Longest Day

June 21st

Shortest Day

December 21st

Highest Pub

Tan Hill Inn 528m

Lowest Pub

Bay Hotel RHB 3m

Best Pub

This evening

Worst Pub

Not applicable

Miles Completed


Miles Remaining

0 (Zero. Zilch. Nowt. All done! )